Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zipit, Twist and Lock Soda Cap Zip Ties

          Time Is money so, use your Ties to

                  Save Money!!

 Are you still spending those timely efforts and money to zip tie your most important computer cables just to take that risk of cutting into them just for a simple computer system upgrade. Well, that's now a thought of the past with this simple concept you can use this zip tie over and over again. Just 3 simple items and your're in business. I have been using this for some time and it comes in pretty handy just don't go snooping around in your neighbors  trash for soda bottles lol.

You're going to need these 3 Items:

1. 16oz. soda of your choosing
2. Soldering Iron
3. medium or large zip tie

Using a small hobby saw cut off the top of the soda cap where the colored band separates the cap from the neck of the bottle. Be careful when using sharp and heated tools. In my vid I was cutting free handed however
I suggest using a vice for better control of the saw.

After cutting the cap from the bottle your going to need to remove the colored band from the cap. The
colored band has no purpose for this project and its actually in our working area. I used a small pair of
bandage scissors to remove it.

After removing the colored band, you'll see some uniform gaps that clearly can be seen if you hold the cap in a upright position. These uniform gaps will be imaginary lines when your ready  to heat holes into the cap.
as shown below.

Using your imaginary lines melt 2 slots into the plastic cap one on top of the other. However using the same imaginary line your going to melt a hole on the opposite above the collar of the cap as shown below.



 Insert a zip tip through the inside of the cap and around the outside underneath the cap and into the top
hole of the cap, and continuing through the opposite side through to the top hole as shown above.

                                                  Your done !

Let's try it out

I'm not using them !  I hope this tool will help you

Here are just some items that I use to Zip Tie when organize your accessory affairs. You guys have been
Great thanx!                                                              



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