Monday, March 28, 2011

Gadgets Gone wild

                         Having computer issues? Programs not responding ? Does your screen freeze in the middle of a task, or does it takes forever for a window to close or open? A virus? Maybe not. If your running an antivirus program on your computer, run a scan to see if your clear of this threatening issue. If your cleared, your probably having some other issue. Registry problems! Most people don't even realize what the registry is or even care. But the truth of the matter is, that this is the most functional part of your computer, if it isn't working correctly then you'll have some major issues. Pretty much like the ones that I have mentioned above. All the activity that you perform on your computer is recorded and managed in the registry. Sometimes the registry can be overwhelmed with your activities which causes errors in the system. This in turn alters the responses that you request. A small error in the registry can render the computer useless. If your not familiar with the registry you may perceive the threat as a virus. It would be waste less time to treat a registry problem with a antivirus program. To later discover that you still have pending issues. Before you panic run a scan to pinpoint the problem. So that you can make the right diagnosis to correct the issue. If, in fact you do have a registry problem. You can run a registry clean up program to fix this issue or you can restore
your computer to an earlier point. To see if this will correct the problem. To do this click on the start button, go to all programs, accessories to system restore and then click on the circle that states restore my computer to an earlier point. It would be wise to run a registry clean up every so often prior to your computer's good health. Deleting is another issue. If you delete large amounts of data it leaves holes in the drive. So that the storing process for your drive becomes a much harder task for the drive. You can relieve this burden by disk defragmenting. Defragmenting the drive closes the holes and makes the machine run faster and  efficiently.
This process takes quite some time. So you may want to take this action when your not using your computer, preferably while your sleeping or at work. You can perform this task by clicking on the start button, all programs, to accessories, and finally to system tools to disk defragmenter. Not enough space on your hard drive may also cause a slowness in your computer's behavior. This causes the computer to run so slow that it appears that its not responding to any of  your commands. To free space you can also find this tool in the system restore area of your all programs files. It is called disk cleanup. You can also free space by clicking on the start button, to control panel double click on Internet options and where it says browsing history click on the delete button. I hope that these tips will help you in your Internet experience.

Monday, March 21, 2011

5 ways to twist you way to bread freshness

"Freshness"  is a goal that we all try to achieve and maintain. Bread is certainly no exception.  Although bread comes in a plastic bag it still falls victim to mold. So, if bread is concealed in a plastic bag why does it lose its freshness? Although bread is wrapped there are fungi called spores that are in the air that travel by human air movements. Even in a concealed bag there is no escape from these spores. Removing some of the air from the bag and placing the bag in a dry area will slow down the process of molding however, it will not prevent the stages of molding. The best way to maintain freshness is to freeze the bread in slices and take the slices out as needed. If you have a large family then chances are that it will not sit around long enough to age. Mold needs moisture and a form of food to grow. By limiting these factors will retard the molding process and prolong your bread freshness. I have found some key points that may help you maintain bread freshness. They are, when buying bread always reach for the ones in the back. When the bread delivery guy delivers bread, it is rotated to the front leaving the freshest bread in the back and the oldest in the front. You can also tell by the bread ties that are colored coded, the new shipment will be another color code. Secondly, select bread that's not shelved close to the floor. The loafs that are shelved  close to the floor collect dust and dirt. When you select this loaf your ultimately taking home with you a medley of dust particles and icroorganisms, that have been air born from the floor. They settle onto the bread bags by human traffic air movements. If your a regular bread eater then refrigerating your bread is more  practical than freezing. Remember mold needs moisture and heat to grow rapidly.  Bread that is consumed quickly isn't a concern. If you loose your bread tie what do you do? Most of us twist the bag into a plastic rope and tie a knot out of it. Later, struggle with the knot to reopen the bag, not realizing tearing small holes in the bag. Breaching the seal of freshness. In this case use the 5 steps I have provided below.

 ( 1.)Find a loaf bread without a tie (2.) release the excess air ( 3.) twist the bag 5 to 6 times. (4.) fold the extra over the Loaf creating a self seal  (5.) your done

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gadgets: What do They Have To Offer ?

 Some gadgets over the years have been just a conversational item or a form of entertainment. The mood ring and the pet rock in 1970's, the Sony Walkman in 1979, the cabbage patch dolls in 1980, the Rubik's cube in 1981 and finally the super soaker in 1990 just to name a few. Although amusing but, not very informative these items served their purpose during their time and have paved the way for much more advanced gadgets of today. The advancements of today are the historical stages of development from the past. They have been and are a necessary bridge to gap yesterday's thoughts to modern day achievements . Our heritage is the milestone that strengthens room for growth today. In earlier times a beach, park, or perhaps even a movie was part of yesterdays daily recreation. Today, these activities still optional but, are unlikely in our high paced social life. They are replaced with home based businesses and computer gadgets. The common place for entertainment and communication. The invention of the cellular phone in the 1970's offered flexibility and mobility to its owner, however, its design was very bulky and offered no more than a phone call. Toady's technology has fast forwarded this gadget to much more variety and choice. The cellular phone of today is armed with (GPS) Global Positioning System features, games,apps,Vibrate mode,One-touch dialing/speed dialing,calculator,clock,party calls,voice search, multi-tasking, virtual buttons and pictures are just just a hand full to mention and the list continues to grow daily.          
          Computers which are complex gadgets also offer much more than is realized. Jobs and employment careers are offered through the Internet rather than the traditional hand written applications followed by a scheduled appointment. Moreover, we are informed of worldly events, news, and national disasters which may have an impact on our lives through computer means. Online Schooling is another avenue for those seeking or continuing their college education online. The use of the computer has reconstructed the dynamics of relationships and dating on the Internet. Global friends and relationships have been established and developed through the assistance of the computer and Internet. Another influential gadget that has changed lives is the pace maker. This complex gadget saves lives by generating an electrical impulse to the heart. Which monitors, maintains and regulates the hearts activity in heart patients, insuring a normal life for many. We can clearly see that gadgets play a profound role in our lives. So, the question isn't what do gadgets have to offer? but, what would we do without them !

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cool gadgets *

       Years of testing, experimenting and tinkering has earned a place for me in
the creative world. My techniques and tools enables me to manipulate metals and plastics
to give that professional "did you make that?" look. Like any other advancements, trial and
error play an essential part of creating gadgets. There is no formula for a particular look
or function of a gadget. The look and function is based on the designer's thoughts and how they
would like for you to view them. Cool gadgets is a term  given because of there uniqueness
in design, function or both. They can be very complex in design or very simple.They existed in
many areas of expertise. Although some are amusing and cute they're some that actually serve
a purpose. Designers may intend to solve a problem that others may have ignored or have no clue
of solving. Their efforts to improve an existing idea, may have a unusual look or appearance of a
gadget. Some may even be hidden in objects that appear to us as normal. Time dictates the
purpose, appearance, or engineering of a gadget. In our vastly populated computer based network
of today, they have and are becoming more of a world of complex virtual software code.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


       If your looking for gadgets you've come to the right place. It's all about
what you can imagine, expanding your inner thought process, applying yourself with your
heart and mind to implement your creative thoughts into reality. I've been a gadget fan
since I can remember. My fascination for the unusual and interesting, has been part of my
character, personality and life. As a youngster I remember Sean Connery the actor who
portrayed James Bond in the movie chronicles. His role as an actor always portrayed
the charming action figure equipped with multiplicity of gadgets, to aide him into victory in
the battle against the evil.  I believe if you have a talent or gift you should share it with
the world, in doing so you may inspire someones life. Somewhere in the world there is that
special someone who needs a mentor, inspirational lift, guidance, direction and more importantly
spiritual rejuvenation. And you can make that difference in that persons life. And if you happen
to be that person may you enjoy as I have the gadgets that I have creative. I hope that it may
influence your accomplishments. As I have have invested my spiritual energy, time and heart into
creating them. No matter where you are on the graph of prosperity you can achieve more.You can
reach a higher plateau. Use my spiritual energy as an template,to encourage others. Apply
yourself to achieve your hopes and dreams, to overcome any obstacles that you may face in your
life from day to day.
     Music is also a passion of mine although, I can't hum a tune. For me, Gadgets and music go
hand in hand. It's relaxing for me and puts me in the right state of mind to accomplish what
ever task I'm trying to achieve. It's an escape from the high paced evolutionary societal
development. Sometimes the tasks of creating gadgets can be very challenging, but with
persistence and perseverance the answers are soon revealed. Pretty much like life. We strive
for the better "you" which takes time and effort. This focused effort is channeled within
yourself. Over a period of time this transformation is reached, revealing a brand new you. You
see, Gadgets aren't just unique updated information that is put into reality but, a "behind the
scenes" personality of the one that is creating them.