Revealed secrets untold stories

     The PHIS-Lite was an inspirational task. It was a vision that I saw that compelled me to think that this just might actually work. All inventions and achievements begin with a thought. I have always had an interest for unique gadgets and electronic devices that made life easier. As a child, I had a passion for animals and
nature. If it could fly, crawl, swim, hop, climb or sting, it was my buddy. Needless to say, if you play with nature, you're going to get bitten or stung. Oh, by the way, squirrels have an unforgettable bite.
     As a teenager, I was influenced by electronics although I was never formally educated in the field. Everything that I touched either blew up, never worked again or shocked me. But I never gave up no matter what happened although I did think about it a couple of times because my parents weren't too pleased with my taking apart household items. Nevertheless, I found another way to satisfy my insatiable appetite for electronics. I used my lunch money for school to buy used radio parts from my fellow classmates. My classmates loved it. I am sure.This presented a problem. My first target was the fridge when I got home. I was a eating machine, grabbing everthing I saw worth eating.
     Moreover, my room was  filled with electronic parts everywhere. When I ran out of space, I went for the next best thing under my bed. My father soon found out. So, I don't have to say much more on that subject. I guess since my parents saw that my fascination wasn't going to end, they bought me a 100 in 1 Radio Shack experiment kit for Christmas. I learned a lot from the kit.
     As time went on, I got better at not blowing things up, but. fixing them. I won second place in a science fair contest. As a young adult, I was always installing stereos and amplifiers in cars for my friends. It landed me a job as a car stereo installer. I worked alone as an  installer. The cars piled up and the lighting was bad. So, I made a polarity checker that allowed me to do fast installations more quickly. The device worked excellently, but I never considered patenting rights or giving it a second thought. My family, especially my father, has always had an interest in unique or unusual gadgets. I guess this is where I get my creativity. Even today as an adult, I am still going at it. I still have ideas that I occasionally share with friends and family. So, from every story, there is something that you can learn.
     Yep, you took the words right out of my mouth. DON'T PLAY WITH NATURE!(lol) No, but seriously, if your child has a talent, let him exploit it. It may even become his dream!