Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gadgets: What do They Have To Offer ?

 Some gadgets over the years have been just a conversational item or a form of entertainment. The mood ring and the pet rock in 1970's, the Sony Walkman in 1979, the cabbage patch dolls in 1980, the Rubik's cube in 1981 and finally the super soaker in 1990 just to name a few. Although amusing but, not very informative these items served their purpose during their time and have paved the way for much more advanced gadgets of today. The advancements of today are the historical stages of development from the past. They have been and are a necessary bridge to gap yesterday's thoughts to modern day achievements . Our heritage is the milestone that strengthens room for growth today. In earlier times a beach, park, or perhaps even a movie was part of yesterdays daily recreation. Today, these activities still optional but, are unlikely in our high paced social life. They are replaced with home based businesses and computer gadgets. The common place for entertainment and communication. The invention of the cellular phone in the 1970's offered flexibility and mobility to its owner, however, its design was very bulky and offered no more than a phone call. Toady's technology has fast forwarded this gadget to much more variety and choice. The cellular phone of today is armed with (GPS) Global Positioning System features, games,apps,Vibrate mode,One-touch dialing/speed dialing,calculator,clock,party calls,voice search, multi-tasking, virtual buttons and pictures are just just a hand full to mention and the list continues to grow daily.          
          Computers which are complex gadgets also offer much more than is realized. Jobs and employment careers are offered through the Internet rather than the traditional hand written applications followed by a scheduled appointment. Moreover, we are informed of worldly events, news, and national disasters which may have an impact on our lives through computer means. Online Schooling is another avenue for those seeking or continuing their college education online. The use of the computer has reconstructed the dynamics of relationships and dating on the Internet. Global friends and relationships have been established and developed through the assistance of the computer and Internet. Another influential gadget that has changed lives is the pace maker. This complex gadget saves lives by generating an electrical impulse to the heart. Which monitors, maintains and regulates the hearts activity in heart patients, insuring a normal life for many. We can clearly see that gadgets play a profound role in our lives. So, the question isn't what do gadgets have to offer? but, what would we do without them !

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