Wednesday, March 2, 2011


       If your looking for gadgets you've come to the right place. It's all about
what you can imagine, expanding your inner thought process, applying yourself with your
heart and mind to implement your creative thoughts into reality. I've been a gadget fan
since I can remember. My fascination for the unusual and interesting, has been part of my
character, personality and life. As a youngster I remember Sean Connery the actor who
portrayed James Bond in the movie chronicles. His role as an actor always portrayed
the charming action figure equipped with multiplicity of gadgets, to aide him into victory in
the battle against the evil.  I believe if you have a talent or gift you should share it with
the world, in doing so you may inspire someones life. Somewhere in the world there is that
special someone who needs a mentor, inspirational lift, guidance, direction and more importantly
spiritual rejuvenation. And you can make that difference in that persons life. And if you happen
to be that person may you enjoy as I have the gadgets that I have creative. I hope that it may
influence your accomplishments. As I have have invested my spiritual energy, time and heart into
creating them. No matter where you are on the graph of prosperity you can achieve more.You can
reach a higher plateau. Use my spiritual energy as an template,to encourage others. Apply
yourself to achieve your hopes and dreams, to overcome any obstacles that you may face in your
life from day to day.
     Music is also a passion of mine although, I can't hum a tune. For me, Gadgets and music go
hand in hand. It's relaxing for me and puts me in the right state of mind to accomplish what
ever task I'm trying to achieve. It's an escape from the high paced evolutionary societal
development. Sometimes the tasks of creating gadgets can be very challenging, but with
persistence and perseverance the answers are soon revealed. Pretty much like life. We strive
for the better "you" which takes time and effort. This focused effort is channeled within
yourself. Over a period of time this transformation is reached, revealing a brand new you. You
see, Gadgets aren't just unique updated information that is put into reality but, a "behind the
scenes" personality of the one that is creating them.

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