Friday, July 29, 2011

DIY Hand Held 1.5 Motorized Allspice Shaker

If your looking for that perfect seasoned flavor this gadget offers nothing short of perfection. Powered by
a tiny 1.5  d.c. motor. This project is certainly fun as well as a conversational piece.

View the results of this  Gadget

Can you remember your very first cooking experience. I'm sure you can laugh about it now but, if it was anything  like my first cooking venture then you probably ended up at a  fast food restaurant. Don't get me wrong this gadget isn't a replacement of a cook, its' an aide if you can cook! It evenly sprinkles particles from the vibrations of the concealed motor. This gadget allows you to uniquely dispense a
variety of spices by simply removing the twist of cap and adding your spice of choice.

To begin this project you'll need a pepper container.

Remove the original lid from the container so that your container's lid can be modified.

Find a small twist off capped container that will fit comfortably inside of the pepper container. Use a pencil  mark the measurements from the container's lid to the peppers lids'. I used a dremel sanding tool to
accurately make a perfect fit. Afterwards placing the container inside the hole and piecing everything
together like a puzzle.


At this point we are semi finished with the lid for now. And focused
on a momentary push button which I drilled a hole in the side of the pepper container that would
accommodate the switch. You can find the switch at a local electronics store or online.

Since the container will consume most of the inside space I elected to use a tiny 1.5 dc motor. You
can purchase them online however, since I was going to upgrade my toothbrush which is electric so why not use use the motor inside of it, so I did.
In my earlier video I chose to mount (solder) the motor on the inside wall of the pepper container. Which is fine
however, Its a little noisy so, my improvement is to zip tie it the motor to the plastic container which absorbs much
of the noise of the motor and at the same time delivers the same or if not better performance needed
to agitate the seasoning container. As you can see in the modified image below.

The switch is coupled directly to the 1.5 dc motor. With the motor and switch mounted and wired I carefully
reassembled the top of the container. After cutting a rectangle in the bottom of the metal pepper container.
I used a demel cutting tool to make the cut.  Before making the modified cut in the pepper container 
I wanted to find a battery compartment to tailor the cut to perfection. Below is a used battery compartment from a used am radio.

With the motor and switch coupled there are only two wires left , the remaining wire from the switch and the remaining wire from the motor. both of these wires will be the connected to the battery power supply holder.

Once the battery compartment connections are made you can begin mounting the battery compartment to 
the pepper container. Before you do you may want to test your battery connections. Even though,
the motor will work no matter which way you connect the wires, it will have 
better agitating effects if the motor is rotating in a counter clockwise fashion . So check before you make
 your connections permanent.

Be sure to recess your battery compartment when mounting so that the container will stand naturally by itself.

Lastly, screw on the container cap and drill holes  positioned as if you are using the gadget.

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