The mini- phis lite

If you think the hands free PHIS-Lite is useful, then you will probably like the new mini usb PHIS-Lite for computer lighting. It sits a movable perch and increases the viewing  capacity by 200%. It's limited because it is powered by a usb cable. So, naturally you cannot take it to a Superbowl game. Nevertheless, it is a great tool to have by your computer's side.
       Choosing a flashlight that is right for you is like selecting the right car to meet your needs. For example, you wouldn't buy a Chevrolet Camaro if you have ten kids, a wife and a dog, nor would you buy a 1985 Toyota Corolla to enter into a Daytona International Speedway event. Pick the flashlight that best meets your needs. If you are into scuba diving, there are many water proofed flashlights that are engineered for depth and pressure, or if you are a cave dweller, they have head band styled flashlights to accommodate you. The PHIS-Lite is a great tool for indoors and closed in areas, I bet my lite on it!