Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pill Bottle Air Freshener

                                               Pill Bottle Air Freshener

There are many air freshneners on the market but, you won't find one quit like this one. Just a pair of scissors 3 plastic medicine bottles and a sponge and your on your way to a fresh start!!

To begin this project you'll need ;

1. 3 plastic med containers(small,medium,large)/w caps

2. Sponge

3.  Scissors

Let's begin

Normally, medicine containers have labels on them which are hard to remove. But, don't worry I have found an easy way to remove them in just seconds. Remove the cap from the bottle and scrape the foiled wrapper from the bottle's edge. Then fill the container with water above the label your trying to remove. Next, place the container in the microwave until the water becomes hot. Remove and using the edge of a pair of scirrors lift the label and presto the label peels off like magic.

After removing the labels and cleaning off the glue residue from the containers with acetone(finger nail polish remover). Cut the bottom of all the pill bottle containers using a small pair of scirrors as shown below.

Next, trim the edge of the large container, to make it some what straight. This doesn't have to be perfect so don't make a career of it.

Next, using your scirrors cut small strips into the body of the large pill container.

When your done it should look something like the image below. Use your palm to bend the leaflets in a curved shape to imitate flower pedals .

Next , using your scissors cut "v" shapes in the medium sized medicine container. This will give the flower the appearance of leaf pedals.

After cutting "v" shapes into the medium container. Bend them as shown the below image. This makes them replicate the flower's pedals and also acts as a lock in place support system for the large container. To do so push the large container into the medium container.(it should snap together)

Now, cut strips in your small container in the same manner as you did the large container. Except, push them together to make the flower's bud which will fit inside of the flower. No glue is needed as it sits inside of the flower.

Next, find a sponge around the house and cut it into a smaller size that will fit into the bottom of the medium(the flowers pedals) container. Spray a fragrance of your choice onto the sponge.

Place the sponge inside of the pedal as shown in the image below.

Then, screw on the cap that was originally on the medicine container. This holds and prevents leakage of fluids and provides a stand for the flower.

Put the flower bud(small modified container) in the middle and place the flower  in an area you would like to smell nice and tidy. Refill with more fragrance as needed.


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