Monday, October 24, 2011

Homemade Taser

I was shocked how well this modified shocker turned out. It's made from a plastic pill container, the battery compartment is made from a AA battery, PVC pipe, disposable camera, 6 small screws, push on/push off switch, 1 C and AA size battery and the tin lid from a empty can of vegetables. I learned from previous projects that glue is not a definite reliable source when it comes to building projects that endure traumatic force and impact .  Sometime ago I was working on a project to enter into a contest. Glue happen to be a vital construction of the project. Just before the contest, to my surprise while checking the device  it fell apart due to the type of glue that I used. This wasn't a recent project so krazy and super glue were not a second option during this time period.  From this point I decided that I would not use glue unless I was absolutely sure that the project that I was working on would  not be effected by impact or force.
 This homemade teaser is very simple to make since the circuitry is already done for you its just a matter of cutting corners and connecting wires and applying a switch to make the unit active. The switch is a push on/ push off switch which is constructed inside of the device to prevent accidental activation of the device. The parts are very easy to find. The majority of the parts can be found in your local drugstore and hardware stores.

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