Monday, August 15, 2011

DIY "jitters Creepers" Cool kids Projects

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   For this project you'll need the following items:

1) 2 identical plastic pill containers
2) Translucent hollow ball which you can find inside of a large roll on deodorant dispenser
3) Spring from a ball point pen
4) Lighter
5) Velcro (color of your choice I'm using black) or critter of your own ?
6) Hole puncher
7) Scissors

Using your Dremel cutting tool, cut the hollow ball in half. There should be an linear marking on the ball
where the ball was fused together from 2 halves. You can use this marking as a guide to cut the ball in 2 even

Next, make sure that your half sphere is slightly smaller than your pill container. Use the bottom of your container to check the measurement

 Using your dremel cutting tool cut the bottom off of your pill bottle container. Always take your time on your
projects to maximize the effectiveness and to perfect craftsmanship. You will always appreciate your work and other will see and compliment the craftsmanship if your not rushing through it. Your projects will also perform the way you intended them to.

Using your lighter heat up one side of your spring. When the spring becomes hot (orange in color ) push it into
the middle of the hollowed sphere. I'm using needle nose pliers to hold the spring however, the wire is so small that it really doesn't transfer heat to the other side as you would think. As shown below


 Now heat up the other side of the spring and stick it into the top of the pill bottle container. But before you do hold the spring in your fingertips and make sure it tremors if not stretch the spring just a little until it does.

Using your Velcro design a face on your hollow sphere. I used the hole puncher which was helpful to create the nose and eyes. Be creative as you want. You can also use plastic bugs and spiders whichever you

When you have created the "critter" that your satisfied with, place it inside of the pill bottle that you originally
cut the bottom off. Push it all the way, close to the top, just enough so that its able to shake without being interrupted by the sides of the bottle.

When you have the face positioned in place use your fingers and pinch the side of the container to hold the cap in place while using the soldering iron to tack the inserted cap inside of the container. As shown below.

After tacking you should reinforce the position of your tack with superglue. The translucent sphere gives the appearance that the face is floating in the container. These are cool giveaways to trick or treaters or just to put a smile on the " get well soon" patient.  The added effect is in your hands.

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