What type of flaslight is the best for me?

                      There are many types of flashlights to choose from.
 Choosing the right type of flashlight depends on a number of  factors.             
To answer this question depends on the consumer. What are your
needs? what type of environment are you working in? Does the flashlight
 need to be pressure tolerant? Does size matter? Battery life, impact and shock
resistant, brightness, directional, mountable or cost. All these questions
 you need to ask yourself when looking for the flashlight that's right for you.
      The incandescent bulb which was invented by Thomas Edison in the
1800's. Is the oldest invention of light bulb history, nevertheless, it has had
a big impact on the evolutionary development of  light as we know it today.
However, modern day science and technology has fast forwarded our
lives into a cocktail of  lights of different shapes, types and sizes. The led light
was discovered by Michael Bowers a graduate student at Vanderbilt University. His
discovery has brought modern day lighting to a new level. The invention of the led
light which means light, emitting, diode is capable of projecting twice as much lumen
power with very little energy sources or unnecessary heating properties. The discovery
 of this device has brought many applications and devices to life. One of these
devices is the flashlight. Its'durability and longevity has been proven over and over.
      The led light, by far, is most durable and reliable in my opinion.
The fact that really makes the difference is the housing. Is the flashlight engineered
for the type of job your going to use it for. That's is what it comes down to. So, when your
choosing your flashlight take these facts into consideration.