Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cleverly Build a Homopolar Motor Project

The Homopolar Motor is as extraordinary exhibition of pure science in its simplest form. This simple form of a motor will dazzle and amaze its audience with its simplicity. Housed in a carrying case for easy mobility this wonder will certainly set the tone for conversation with the inquisitive.

These are the parts that you are going to need.

  1. Plastic container with extra top
  2. 4 Neodymium magnets
  3. 1 AA battery
  4. Copper wire (small gaged)
  5. Plastic tubing that's slightly smaller than plastic container
  6. Needle nose pliers
  7. Dremel tool

 Bend your copper wire into this configuration


Separate your extra cap and place 1 neodymium magnet in the center of the cap and reassemble.


Next, cut openings in the side of your plastic container as shown.

Cut your plastic tubing to the width of the bottom portion of the plastic container and place the tubing
inside of the plastic's container. This tubing helps the cap fit snugly into the container. However, if
you can find a cap that fits comfortably inside the container you really don't need the tubing.

Next, place the extra cap containing the magnet inside the plastic tubing and plastic container.

Place the 3 remaining magnets in the center of the cap that contains the magnet.


Take a small pointed object and carefully press a small impression in the center of the AA battery
and place the battery centered on top of the magnets.

 Lastly, place the configured wire on top of the battery in its housing and let the fun begin !

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