Thursday, August 25, 2011

2funny Diy Gadget Pranks!!

Have you ever encountered an interest in a new product or Idea that caught your attention, so much that you bought it anyway without really knowing how it worked. Well, that's me! sorta ! I mean I'm more interested in how it works than what it was intended for. However, I understand that everyone has different interests. That's why I created this post. It's a little of both worlds gadgets and how well they work combined into entertainment. Relax kick your feet up and enjoy!

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I was given 20 pill containers of all sizes to see how many gadgets I could come up with. So, with a desk, a small light, soldering iron, some switches and motors I began my journey. Some of my earlier posts are some of these gadgets like the USB desk lite, Diy Allspice Seasoner, Hand shake pill prank and Jitters Creepers. This post are some of the other creations that are included in my journey. I'm sure you will enjoy the clips as much as I have enjoyed making them.

This gadget looks like an ordinary pill container. And that is exactly what it looks like to the pranks tee. I designed it so that the prankster has very little effort pulling off this prank. Armed for excitement, once the cap is lifted the creepy spider appears to be spinning a web for its victims. One glimpse at this and the container is history!! Click the below video to see two adorable kids desperately trying to remove the  cap of the container. Rewarded by their efforts, this is totally not what they want to see.

You've guessed right if your guessing at all. That's right its another episode of gadget pranks.
I love making gadgets. And when I'm not making them I'm using them. In fact, I have more
gadgets to post on my blog for you guys. Between juggling projects  making videos and arranging
pranks I consider myself pretty busy. So stay tuned to see whats next between the juggling. In 
this episode there is a cashier thats pretty cool. I've been wanting to prank her for some time.
In fact I've got most of her co workers, which will be a later episodes so you dont want to miss them.
Click on the video below to see the results of this prank.

Designing a prank successfully depends on how original the prank looks to the victim. In this video I will show you how originality plays a major role in pulling of a successful prank. Later, enjoy the prank that takes place in a cosmetology parlor. Unsure of what lurks inside of this pill bottle one of the employees quickly runs for
cover by asking a co-worker for assistance click on the video below to view this clip of laughter.

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