Monday, September 5, 2011

Super Bright LED Experiment

Ultra High Intensity Led Dazzler

LED's are certainly nothing short of amazing. Available in many sizes, shapes, colors and voltages
the LED has become a popular name in the home.  Still used in some instances, the incandescent light bulb was once a revolutionary break through of its time, however, has proven to be subservient to the LED.  Its characteristics are limited in lumen power and shelf life. Unlike its' cousin the LED uses much less energy and renders far greater lumen power. In the two experiments below you can see the  LEDs' versatility and the applications it can be used in as well.  

This experiment consists of 2 LED p7 high intensity LEDs that are mounted inside a Altoids mint can. This experiment demonstrates how compact and small the project can be and still achieve the lighting capacity desired. The Project also contains a micro controller, a driver circuit, 2 SSC p7 LED's and ( 2) 1.5 Nickel Hydride batteries rated at 3.7volts ea. A dazzler is a device that temporarily blinds an attacker with bright light in an assault, aiding the victim to an optional escape route during the attack.

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In following experiment we can see the utilization of the LED as far as a alert tool or a communication device.
Devices like this one on a larger scale are ultimately used in Amber Alerts which are designed to reveal information that may assists law enforcement in emergency situations. These devices are engineered and employed on state highways and roadways. The LED light display below is a 8 pin dip chip coupled to a micro controller circuit.

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