Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Mystery of Coral Castle

     Debating for some time to post this article on this blog, my visitors are special to me. So I'm going to share a vacation attraction that occurred in Miami Florida that was quite interesting. This tour was arranged by my brother. How he discovered this attraction is beyond me, although he does a lot of research. I was kinda skeptical about the whole Miami idea, but nevertheless, I was really taken by the ordeal when my feet landed on coral castle soil. For those that aren't familiar with Coral Castle, it's a tourist attraction located in Miami Florida. A small estate, hand created and designed out of coral stone. The designer of this tourist phenomena was a man by the name of Ed leedskalnin. Weighing only 100 pounds and standing at a height of 5 feet tall, he was able to carve and move structures that defy logic. More importantly, is the fact that he was able to move enormous stone objects without the use of cranes or heavy equipment. Taken by fascination I began to take photo shots of this ordeal. The photo image below is the first thing you see as you enter into the castle.

While entering the Castle your accompanied by a tour guide who explains why he created such an attraction and a theory of how he miraculously moved tons of rock. The story is about his first love at 26 years of age. The girl in which he fell in love with was a girl by the name of Agnes scuffs. She was 10 years younger than Ed. Nevertheless, he anticipated his sweet sixteen becoming his first bride to be. Unfortunately, she cancelled the wedding ceremony a day before. Hurt and torn by the cancellation he began a long and laborious journey to build a home of stone to confess his love he had for Agnes. Below you can see heart shaped tables and stone carved lounge stools.

 Ed's dedication is noting short of amazing. The below image appears to be a the resemblance of a reclining chair. Nothing that I would find comfortable but, nevertheless absolutely amazing. The following image is a jacuzzi styled tub.

 Although, they are theories of how Ed moved and carved the rock no one really knows. He was able to cut into 4,000 thousands of pounds of rock with only hand tools. These are some of the hand tools  that were actually used in carvings. Some of the electrical devices appear to be transformers. Locals believe that he cleverly mastered the formula for levitation, and that these components were part of that formula. Most of Ed's work was done at night so that his secrets of levitation would be sealed forever.

The main entrance to the museum offers maps, souvenirs, brochures and displays many tools and artifacts that he used. They even displayed a pair of his actual shoes he wore in the early 1900's while constructing his sweet sixteen's dream suite.Thousands of tourist from all over come to visit this extraordinaire.

These stairs lead to his living quarters.

      Inside the living quarters is (starting for the top to the bottom}a ingenious food holding chamber which is
 made from wood and chicken wire.The chicken wire provides a view and protection from flying pest such as flies. Supported by a single metal rod from the ceiling, this chamber is suspended several feet from the floor.
This prevents ants and other household pets from crawling inside. The metal cone which looks like a oil funnel is part of the rod support system. It is is filled with oil. Ingeniously designed, when pests crawl up the wall and
down the metal rod looking for food they fall into the oil filled cone sealing there fate. 
The following  image is a hammock styled bed. Its made from wooden planks and is its also suspended
in the air by a chain anchored supporting system, again this may to prevent the nuisance of common pests.
Lastly, is an image of a chair which its seat area has been removed and replace with what appears to be tough rubber from a tire inner tube. This provided comfort, I guess with all of the stone chairs he needed some
type of relief.

Sadly, Ed leedskalnin died of tuberculosis leaving behind the castle and some unanswered questions of the mystery of the Castle. This cardboard created scene of Mr. leedskalnin is the actual size and height when he was a resident of the castle.

If you ever visit Florida make sure you visit the castle. Its a great family spectacular that I'm sure you
will not regret!!

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