Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Make A Medic Watch Project

      The Medic watch was designed from a personal loss of mine. My father past away due to sugar diabetes which is a very devastating illness. If you have any knowledge of this illness, you know that a sudden space staring facial expression isn't uncommon.This is a medical alert that their sugar level is either too low or opposingly too high. For diabetics with advanced stages, taking their doctor's prescribed medication on a regular basis and constant monitoring is a must. Sometimes the patient doesn't remember if they have taken their medication or where they may have place it. The Medic watch is designed for quick access of their medication while conveniently having it in their reach at all times. It eliminates the task of trying to remember where they might have placed it as well as a constant reminder that It should be taken daily. The Medic
watch also asists the caregiver by regulating the amount of medication that the patient recieves. 

                       The Medic watch is made from the Arizona rescue water bottle top. Ironically it has a white cross in the center of the top which I thought would be appropriate for this project. To begin I sawed off the top and cap of the container at the neck. I used a small hack saw since the plastic is pretty thick. Next, I sand the surface to make it flat as possible, I used my dremel tool however, a grinder would have worked even better.  

Next, using a dremel tool with a sanding attacherment I sand two rectangular slots opposite of each other and above the shoulder of the cap, which I originally sanded. These slots will sreve as a support system for the watch.

Next, using my dremel tool I measured and cut the lower potion of a discarded prescription container which I'll be using to fit inside of the Medic watch.

It was loose by a couple 16ths of an inch. To fix this I cut a small piece from the remaining  discarded container. I placed it inside and flip eveything upside down while only pressing the inserted container firmly. This technique aligns the two edges the watch and the inserted container together and creates a tight seal when the cap is placed on without the use of glue.

I found some Velcro lying around the house that was perfect for this project. I cut a strip of the soft layer and placed it into the rectangular slots from one side to the other side. It worked nicely! I also cut a small piece of the rough layered Velcro which I  reversed and glued to one end of the Velcro band . So that it
would act as a watch band.

           Although the Medic Watch was designed for medication, it can also be used for altoids breath fresheners, candy, mints, allergy pills etc...

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