Monday, March 28, 2011

Gadgets Gone wild

                         Having computer issues? Programs not responding ? Does your screen freeze in the middle of a task, or does it takes forever for a window to close or open? A virus? Maybe not. If your running an antivirus program on your computer, run a scan to see if your clear of this threatening issue. If your cleared, your probably having some other issue. Registry problems! Most people don't even realize what the registry is or even care. But the truth of the matter is, that this is the most functional part of your computer, if it isn't working correctly then you'll have some major issues. Pretty much like the ones that I have mentioned above. All the activity that you perform on your computer is recorded and managed in the registry. Sometimes the registry can be overwhelmed with your activities which causes errors in the system. This in turn alters the responses that you request. A small error in the registry can render the computer useless. If your not familiar with the registry you may perceive the threat as a virus. It would be waste less time to treat a registry problem with a antivirus program. To later discover that you still have pending issues. Before you panic run a scan to pinpoint the problem. So that you can make the right diagnosis to correct the issue. If, in fact you do have a registry problem. You can run a registry clean up program to fix this issue or you can restore
your computer to an earlier point. To see if this will correct the problem. To do this click on the start button, go to all programs, accessories to system restore and then click on the circle that states restore my computer to an earlier point. It would be wise to run a registry clean up every so often prior to your computer's good health. Deleting is another issue. If you delete large amounts of data it leaves holes in the drive. So that the storing process for your drive becomes a much harder task for the drive. You can relieve this burden by disk defragmenting. Defragmenting the drive closes the holes and makes the machine run faster and  efficiently.
This process takes quite some time. So you may want to take this action when your not using your computer, preferably while your sleeping or at work. You can perform this task by clicking on the start button, all programs, to accessories, and finally to system tools to disk defragmenter. Not enough space on your hard drive may also cause a slowness in your computer's behavior. This causes the computer to run so slow that it appears that its not responding to any of  your commands. To free space you can also find this tool in the system restore area of your all programs files. It is called disk cleanup. You can also free space by clicking on the start button, to control panel double click on Internet options and where it says browsing history click on the delete button. I hope that these tips will help you in your Internet experience.

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