Monday, March 21, 2011

5 ways to twist you way to bread freshness

"Freshness"  is a goal that we all try to achieve and maintain. Bread is certainly no exception.  Although bread comes in a plastic bag it still falls victim to mold. So, if bread is concealed in a plastic bag why does it lose its freshness? Although bread is wrapped there are fungi called spores that are in the air that travel by human air movements. Even in a concealed bag there is no escape from these spores. Removing some of the air from the bag and placing the bag in a dry area will slow down the process of molding however, it will not prevent the stages of molding. The best way to maintain freshness is to freeze the bread in slices and take the slices out as needed. If you have a large family then chances are that it will not sit around long enough to age. Mold needs moisture and a form of food to grow. By limiting these factors will retard the molding process and prolong your bread freshness. I have found some key points that may help you maintain bread freshness. They are, when buying bread always reach for the ones in the back. When the bread delivery guy delivers bread, it is rotated to the front leaving the freshest bread in the back and the oldest in the front. You can also tell by the bread ties that are colored coded, the new shipment will be another color code. Secondly, select bread that's not shelved close to the floor. The loafs that are shelved  close to the floor collect dust and dirt. When you select this loaf your ultimately taking home with you a medley of dust particles and icroorganisms, that have been air born from the floor. They settle onto the bread bags by human traffic air movements. If your a regular bread eater then refrigerating your bread is more  practical than freezing. Remember mold needs moisture and heat to grow rapidly.  Bread that is consumed quickly isn't a concern. If you loose your bread tie what do you do? Most of us twist the bag into a plastic rope and tie a knot out of it. Later, struggle with the knot to reopen the bag, not realizing tearing small holes in the bag. Breaching the seal of freshness. In this case use the 5 steps I have provided below.

 ( 1.)Find a loaf bread without a tie (2.) release the excess air ( 3.) twist the bag 5 to 6 times. (4.) fold the extra over the Loaf creating a self seal  (5.) your done

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