Monday, March 7, 2011

Cool gadgets *

       Years of testing, experimenting and tinkering has earned a place for me in
the creative world. My techniques and tools enables me to manipulate metals and plastics
to give that professional "did you make that?" look. Like any other advancements, trial and
error play an essential part of creating gadgets. There is no formula for a particular look
or function of a gadget. The look and function is based on the designer's thoughts and how they
would like for you to view them. Cool gadgets is a term  given because of there uniqueness
in design, function or both. They can be very complex in design or very simple.They existed in
many areas of expertise. Although some are amusing and cute they're some that actually serve
a purpose. Designers may intend to solve a problem that others may have ignored or have no clue
of solving. Their efforts to improve an existing idea, may have a unusual look or appearance of a
gadget. Some may even be hidden in objects that appear to us as normal. Time dictates the
purpose, appearance, or engineering of a gadget. In our vastly populated computer based network
of today, they have and are becoming more of a world of complex virtual software code.

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