Saturday, February 26, 2011

How often should I change the batteries in my digital camera?

     In various articles they talk about the life and temperature endurance guidelines
for the prolonged life of the battery. While some batteries are composed
of different ingredients, they all share their own maintenance and requirements.
According to some, cold batteries have a longer life than those of a hotter climate.
This isn't exactly true. Although heat is the main enemy in the breakdown of batteries
it depends on the type of battery being stored in the cold. Since batteries come in all shapes
sizes and compositions. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that the guidelines for changing your
batteries remains on the type of battery you choose and the climatic conditions that the battery is
subject to.
                       Batteries are becoming a big demand in our fast paced society.
The bigger the demand the more prevalent they become. They are many battery
types, Nickel cadmium, lithium, alkaline just to name a few. Nimh battery packs perform
better than your typical nicads'. Typically, two hours is the basic charge life give or take of
a AA battery, if used in a non continuous manner. They're other factors that are woven into
the equation that affect the life of the battery. One of these factors being corrosion.
Corrosion occurs when a battery is neglected and the chemical paste inside of the battery is
subjected to heat which causes the pasted to expand. The seals of the battery are weakened
causing the battery to leak. Potassium Hydroxide which is part of the base of the battery turns into a blue green powder. This blue green powder is what is seen when a device is left unattended
with the batteries in them for a long period of time. To avoid this problem the batteries
should be removed from the device if it isn't being used often.
       The cellular phone (frequently called the cell phone) is known for its popularity and demand.
 As part of our busy lives,  it's very unlikely that the batteries will be a left in a item,
that is  frequently used.  In the event that you upgrade your phone, store it or  for whatever
reason.The general rule is simple. Take the batteries out of the phone and store  it in  a cool
place with the batteries out of the device. Never store in your camera or any other devices'
 battery for long periods of time. Storing the batteries in a separate clear plastic bag would
probably be a favorable choice. Since, corrosion or the breakdown of the batteries can quickly
be identified through the plastic bag and easily discarded.

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